A New Kind of Publisher

News Plexus is a new kind of publisher – instead of bundling together all kinds of news, information, opinion, and commentary, we let you create your own bundle. We publish individual columns and sections on Notd.io, where they are called streams (streams are not just for video and audio!). Each stream is focused on a single subject, and subscriptions are very inexpensive. In fact, for now, they are free, as you get $3 in free credit from our payment processor just for signing up (and you don’t have to provide a credit card).

In addition to #MakeYourOwnBundle, we don’t have ads. Notd is a new kind of media network that relies solely on subscription revenue. It doesn’t collect personal data or use algorithms to try to get you to click on things. It has powerful filters that help you find what you are interested in.


This is the Notd stream for top stories of the day. It’s only 5 cents per month, which means you get 60 months for free when you create a new account.

https://notd.io/streams/5745782049210368_7/Climate Matters

Here is a stream of curated articles abouot climate change and the environment. It’s also just about free.

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